One Rainy day at The Tower of London

Hey there girlies! Autumn is finally here, the wind is definitely getting colder and I’m loving it! If you didn’t know, I came from a very tropical country which means no cold season for us back home. This is why I love Autumn so much, it’s not biting cold yet but it’s not sweltering either. Also, it’s the fashion as well! It’s that time of the year again where coats and knitted jumpers come out of the closet. 🙂

First destination for this season is Tower of London (proper touristy). IMG_5406IMG_7604IMG_5412IMG_7565IMG_5429

In fact, this trip was a last minute kinda trip. We had this annual membership card that gets us in for free and it will expire at the end of this month so we didn’t wanna waste it lol. Tower of London is one of the iconic tourist spots in London because of its rich history. But I was mainly excited to visit  it because I wanted to see the Crown Jewels up close and personal. Unfortunately, taking photos of them are strictly not allowed. 😦



If you’re looking in to travelling to London and visiting the Tower of London, I suggest watch one of the documentaries first if you wanna know about the history and the role that it played decades ago to this city. I personally watched the one on Netflix and I’ve also watched The Crown from start to finish which shows a bit of how the iconic landmark is used by the monarchy. (Yes, I’m a fan of the show and I can’t wait for the next season to come out).


Tell me what ya’ll think? 🙂



Sweatshirt from Zara

Trousers from River Island

Beret from River Island

Shoes from Dr. Martens

Jacket from Japan



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