Somewhere in France: City of Nimes

SUMMEEEERRRR! Yas it is finally summer my lovelies! This time my summer is a bit more exciting than my usual and I’m so excited to share it with everyone. πŸ™‚

img_2380.jpgimg_2381.jpgThis time around we went to South of France! We landed in Nimes and spent our first day in the city. We had the chance to explore and had a quick lunch in the market before it even close (bear in mind that markets here closes at 1 o’clock in the afternoon which I think is a bit odd).

The main city has stunning Roman structures which dates centuries ago and that what makes the city so impressive.

MJR00098 2MJR00112MJR00105


This place has so much nice little alley ways and corners that it took us forever to walk down a single alley way. Every corner is worth stopping and taking photos!

MJR00075 2MJR00178

MJR00169MJR00177 2IMG_2433

Here’s a bit of my OOTD. πŸ™‚

MJR00088 2MJR00090



This was just our first day and we have thousands and thousands of photos already so bear with me if I take ages to post the other remaining ones. I wanted to make sure that each post features most of the highlights but still make it interesting and compressed.

See you on the next blog post! πŸ™‚



T shirt from Zara

Jeans from River Island Petite

Bag from Micheal Kors

Shoes from Nike

Sunglasses from Quay Australia

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