FMP: Beauty & Pain


Hey there lovelies! 

It’s been crazy busy these past few months because of college projects and work. As you all may know, I finish college this year and this FMP is the most important project to pass my course. 

Fortunately, I am on track for a distinction which I am very pleased about. I’ve been aiming for that grade since I started the course and I’m glad that I am on track for it. 

My work unmasks the painful reality under the fancy tutus and pointe shoes and an insight behind the curtains of stunning performances. I focused on the fusion of movements, negative effects of training and a hint of traditional ballet to produce a bespoke final garment and headpiece, which showcases the contrasting relationship of ‘Beauty and Pain’. 

I also had an exhibition set up for my FMP and fashion show with all of the garments that I made throughout this year which I will be posting separately. 😁

Tell me what ya’ll think? 💕

4 Comments Add yours

  1. bdarielle says:

    Very deep, and truthful.. Ballet is beautiful but no joke, it takes serious commitment & pain lol
    Fellow Blogger:

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