Time is Gold

Hey there lovelies!

Its been ages since I updated or even opened my blog because it’s been crazy these past few months. But anyway, I would like to share what’s been keeping me busy. Since I am in my last year in college now, it’s been busier than ever even though it’s not our FMP yet. We have been told to do a Deconstruction and Reconstruction project and it is a 10 week project which was pretty quick compared to our previous ones during our first year. This project has been given out during the summer to just basically start our research (but no one actually did a proper research). For me I did a bit of deconstruction with some old watches which I then took as my concept. I started there then carried on with the rest of my research. For this project I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone that then lead me on to making a bespoke garment. But to cut the story short, here are some photos of my journey:


These are some of the most interesting pages of my sketchbook..



12311933_10206633420347711_409824922_oFor my garment I chose white and gold as my colour scheme just to make its more glamorous.


We were very fortunate to be able to have this photo shoot in an old manor house that was turned into a hotel in Oxfordshire. It is such an interesting place because of the fact that one side is very modern and the other side is a very old style interior.

Very big thanks to my Model: Kimmie Famero, Photographer: March Joseph Rosales and Hair & Make up artist: Cindy Bella. This photo shoot will not be possible without you guys! ❤

So guys let me know what you think? Will be updating again soon. 🙂


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