Backstage Chaos

Heeeeey! Its been a while since I updated my blog. I’ve been really busy in college for quite some time until now. Recently, I’ve volunteered for a work experience which was a fashion show that is showcasing most of the products in the shopping centre here in Milton Keynes.

So, our task was mainly to help out the models with their quick changes during every show which is very exciting and quite exhausting as well since we were constantly keeping the clothes neat and tidy so that nothing will get damaged or get lost.It is also our job to keep the clothes in order and ready for the models and for the next show. I must say, there is a lot of pressure backstage specially a fashion show. Apart from all those pressure and exhausting stuff, it was a really fun and nice experience because we get to meet a lot of new people like the organizers, stylists, models, and directors.

(Photos have low quality due to the bad lighting backstage and these are just random shots from the chaos that is going on backstage :D)

11187728_10205268491185335_1361107458_o11179996_10205268094735424_1630491897_n11180141_10205268487585245_579400825_n11124802_10205384713730826_1329484270_n11212326_10205384714210838_1486342583_n11116107_10205268453224386_177170060_n11117974_10205268453824401_1848398022_n11160106_10205260504625676_2035056749_n11160220_10205268863954654_1233665401_n11180132_10205268667549744_1183657339_n11157984_10205268486545219_996754434_n11156809_10205277897260481_1518755972_n11160326_10205268488505268_1200402143_n11173688_10205268856714473_932875965_n11225584_10205384713410818_300728890_n11216393_10205385263144561_1854051223_n11256475_10205384714010833_546820197_n11263738_10205384714330841_880670188_n11118723_10205384716090885_1486137517_n11188053_10205260504905683_1687855127_o11195269_10205268862514618_1371469290_n11186314_10205269448649271_2043996565_n11180244_10205279558542012_1307781848_n11169104_10205268451464342_1868875258_n11164097_10205268095455442_1476119474_n11195279_10205277250524313_502237533_n11198868_10205277249924298_110364622_n (1)

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  1. Hashabiah101 says:

    This was such a great experience I can’t wait to do it again. Xoxo

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