Clothes Show 2014

Clothes Show Live is the UK’s biggest fashion and beauty event held every year in Birmingham. This year I got the  privilege of witnessing one of the most talked about fashion and beauty event here in the UK, as fashion students we need to be part of events like this in order for us to  experience what’s going on to this kind of happenings and be updated to upcoming trends.This event not only has a huge production of fashion show but there’s also a massive amount of clothes, shoes and other beauty products for sale (and by sale I mean like 70%-90% off the retail price of the products) which will be a paradise for fashion lovers like I do.

My experience from this trip is really fun because not only do we get to see a beautifully produced fashion show plus some dance numbers but we also got the chance to shop a lot. Since its the last day of the event, a lot of products were being sold at a very low price and some stalls even went on giving some of the products for free. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to take pictures of the stalls that are selling the products because of the amount of people that are shopping.




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