Pins and Needles

Been MIA for months and I haven’t been updating my blog since college started. Its been very busy since I started attending college that’s why I haven’t got the chance to post anything here and maybe because I’m not so sure what topic I’m going to share until now. I decided to write something about what’s keeping me busy for the past two months. I am a first year student, taking up level three of Fashion and Clothing. Since I’m very new to the learning system in this country, I easily got confused to a lot of things during my first two to three weeks in college but I got used to it after some time. A lot of people thought that fashion design or making clothes is really easy but in reality, its a chaotic and a time consuming work to do. We always have to have continuous ideas and a lot of patience in making a garment. Its not about just sketching down designs but you also have to think about how you can execute in making the garment, what will be the materials, colors, and techniques that your going to use. A simple fitted pencil skirt looks easy to make cause its just a straight piece of fabric cut and stitched but, it is a lot more than that, considering the right measurements, accuracy of the way that the fabrics were cut plus a lot of pinning which every now and then pricks your finger. We’re currently doing a fashion and architecture project that’s why my sketches here are inspired by buildings. So far I’ve been enjoying my course even though sometimes it drains out all my inspiration and I get stuck in the middle of design. It takes a lot of effort, creativity, work and a massive amount of patience but its fun specially when you love what you do. 10676906_10203683574803416_178758688_o10705177_10203734587478701_1475021917_n10808333_10204127466220424_77587077_n 10808368_10204147100751275_1056259367_n10811515_10204147101751300_172968682_n10721210_10203835007269133_1819206480_n10723352_10203835007389136_2144578924_n10726832_10203835007789146_1266069578_n10728628_10203925131082172_1780936150_n10736157_10203925131122173_136218661_n10743358_10203925131322178_1908834480_n We also had some live drawing sessions which was actually drawing a naked lady that was literally in front of us doing different types of poses to practice and enhance the way we draw a lady for our fashion illustrations. (Excuse my messy work, I’m not a professional. :D) 10815945_10204138840544775_1319768305_n 10815862_10204138674820632_548509542_n10808188_10204128687290950_1360247719_n I’ve been also participating in collaborating events in a team from other departments particularly the Hair and Beauty department. They needed us to put up an outfit that will suit their theme for their product launch for a hair product  and also a trend board showcasing the current trend and the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015. 20141016_14083620141016_13582820141016_14033020141016_13300120141016_13283920141016_13341120141016_14072520141016_14082010816160_10204146927866953_1634376179_n10833862_10204146763102834_1212325824_n1420001_10204146873585596_31477264_n10818911_10204146874625622_277357302_n10815917_10204146889866003_827687456_n10834157_10204146763342840_1798234573_n10610704_10204064824014408_8005789983231071459_n

3 Comments Add yours

  1. ekpreston says:

    I like where you’re going with the white and black ruffles. The gold circle belt is super cute too.

    1. aleepotsdiaz says:

      That belt is actually bangles that I’ve pt together. 🙂

      1. ekpreston says:

        Ahh. That’s really creative! Maybe you should think about putting some of your stuff on Etsy.

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