Barrio Fiesta in London

Filipinos are fond of long playing celebrations with lots of colorful parades, games, and shows. A lot of Filipinos have been staying in UK for quite some time and the Filipino community have been growing and growing for the past years which has made these huge events possible. The event which was titled ‘Barrio Fiesta sa London’ was yearly held in celebration of the Philippine Centre to the Filipino Community in UK and this year was their 30th anniversary.  DSC_8712DSC_8698MJR_1319MJR_1318DSC_8701 copy

It’s my first time attending to an event like this since I got here and I was overwhelmed by the number of Filipinos who attended this gathering, I never thought that there were a massive number of Filipinos from different parts of the UK that was gathered and united by this event.

They said that this year’s Barrio Fiesta was the grandest ever held. A lot of celebrity guests from the Philippines have participated in this two-day event which was really nice considering I haven’t actually seen a lot of celebrities in person when I was still in my hometown. Aside from the show, there are also a lot of rides and arcade which I really enjoyed, and we all know how we Filipinos love our food, of course a celebration is not complete without out local delicacies from all over the Philippines










Spent these two-day event with some lovely people which have also made the experience more fun and exciting though there are only a few photos taken. 😀





I was too busy and it’s too late when I realized that I don’t have a decent picture of myself during the event so I had a picture taken after the program and everybody was getting ready to go home. (hahaha :D) But I am looking forward for next year’s Barrio Fiesta and I will surely be taking more photos. 😀

10386058_10203282559778291_160157729_o 10559646_10203282558498259_1725214554_o

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