Since I’m new to this country, I barely know anyone of the same race as I am. So when i finally get the chance to meet new people, I was kinda excited and nervous at the same time cause I really find it hard to socialize and reach out to new people. It’s funny cause it kinda reminds me of that feeling of going to my first day of class of freshmen year which is really not my kind of day. There’s always that strange feeling of ‘will they like me?’ ‘what should I say?’ when meeting new people I’m sure a lots of people have experience that. But recently I’ve been coming out of my comfort zone, maybe going into college in the Philippines really help me to reach out to people and make friends.



I got the chance to made friends and hang out with them for quite some time, also since being eighteen has its benefits, I get to have clubbing with some really lovely ladies which is really fun and it’s my first time on a club in UK (excuse me for bragging haha!) and I can’t wait for the next time. πŸ™‚


Yes I’m in a foreign country, but meeting these people feels like being home again and they’ve been a great help to me adjusting to this place. They said there’s more Filipinos to meet and I’m looking forward to meet them and making friends. πŸ™‚

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