From Threads to a Luxurious Garment

Since Scotland is a cold weathered place, it is one of the major manufacturers of cashmere clothing. Near Edinburgh Castle is the main city where a lot of shops selling souvenirs and various cashmere and lambswool clothing are sold. But there’s this shop where apart from the boutique which sells the good stuff, you can also explore the factory underground where threads of cashmere and other types of wool are weaved into actual cloths and garments. Unfortunately, we visited on a weekend so we didn’t actually saw how its made but the actual operating machines were on stand by. Cashmere wool has a huge difference from other wool apart from cashmere is from wollen coat of goats which considers cashmere as a luxury wool while others are made from either sheep or lamb’s wollen coat. Also they have a massive difference in texture, cashmere has more fine and silky texture that other wool. On the other side, lambswool is often used for knitting because its light weight characteristics and lack of bulk.


Scotland also have their traditional dress which is called the “Highland Dress” that is also produced in the same factory.

Highland Dresses are characterized by tartan pattern or plaid patterns and are traditionally consists of a Sporran which are the “purse” in much more simple term, Brogue or thick sole shoes, Kilt which are the knee length garment with pleated rare or as the new generation would call as a skirt. Highland dresses have been changed and altered within the centuries for style of the present generation.


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