“Dancers are the athletes of God” -Albert Einstein

Dancing has been with me since I was a child, I actually had ballet lessons when I was little but I haven’t made time to develop it until I was in my high school years. When I entered college as Tourism Management under The College of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management I really wanted to pursue dancing as part of my extra curricular activities, but I haven’t had the guts to enter an audition during my freshmen year. So the following school year I tried to audition as part of what they call “The HRIM Phoenix All Stars”.

In a short period of time, this dance troupe has helped me boost up my confidence in moving. I’ve also learned a lot of different genres of dance with them which also helped me gain knowledge that dancing is also an art. Dancing with them really changed my college life and I can really say that this maybe the best thing that happened during my college in the Philippines.


“Phoenix Family”

A family that will be behind you through thick and thin, as brothers and sister is really worth keeping. The determination and discipline of each and every members of this family is really unbelievable. No matter how hard a training or a routine may be, every individual has their eagerness to make it remarkable to the eyes of the audience and in every routine that this group dances, God is always the center of it, which really made them always the champion in peoples hearts and minds. They don’t just dance for the price of the title of a competition, they dance with their hearts for God. That’s what made the impossible possible for them.


Though I know that I’m miles away and had so little time with them through that past school year, I know that this family that they built will not break apart. The bond that holds them together will be imperishable no matter where the members are.

This is family worth keeping.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle Ecle says:

    Nice nice.. i miss you be.. :)) muwa! ❤

    1. aleepotsdiaz says:

      Thank you Ate! Miss you moooore. 🙂

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