I’ve been planning a long time to make a blog cause I love writing, posting pictures and sharing them through the internet. So I thought why not start a blog, a simple one for starters.

Hello! My name is Aleeza Saltarin, a trying hard newbie in the world of blogging. I always thought of blogging as an online journal, sharing experiences and picture through the use of internet. My friends back in the Philippines calls me “Alee” cause they always thought that my name is too long to pronounce. I really don’t know much with blogging cause honestly you can just see me posting pictures with captions in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so this is all new to me so hopefully the readers of this (if there are any?) will be kind. 🙂

I’ll be posting a lot of ootd’s and a lot of travel experiences here and also some unforgettable moments. So until the next post! Peace! 🙂Image

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