New World

So I just moved in The Great Britain a few weeks ago and I am in the process of adjusting to my new world. Its spring now in UK and I’m loving the cold breeze of the wind and the beautiful colors of the flowers around the City of London.


I’ve visited a few of the world known tourist attractions in London and so far I’m impressed by how the people here have preserved the iconic structures of the buildings and palaces. Ancient buildings and structures with a touch of modernization, I must say this city is worth the time to visit.

M&M’s world? I think this is the biggest one I’ve been to and its like being a kid all over again, being hyper when you see a room filled with colorful chocolates. Did I mention the M&M’s version of The Beatles walking down at Abbey road. Very impressive!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



One Comment Add yours

  1. sistasfromcali says:

    Great pictures.
    you are so lucky to live there.

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