House Party in the Philippines.



So I lived in the Philippines my whole life specifically in the city of Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija. Its the first time for me to go away from where I’m used to so my family decided to throw a party which at first I disagreed cause that’ll be a lot of people to entertain. Its a funny story cause my head keeps on changing from doing the party or not. When I finally decide to do the party I was expecting it to be just a simple get together but when I arrived home from school the tables and chairs are all set up and a full band is also starting to set up their instruments which I didn’t expect cause all along I thought it was just a simple party.

People started to come in at 4 o’clock in the afternoon but actually the party was set at 5 o’clock int the afternoon. That was the time for me to prepare myself for the visitors, but luckily my sisters from another mother were the first one there so I was able to prepare while they’re in my room. The night was filled with a lot of music and singing and a lot of my high school friends from Manila attended so I was really happy then. Its was a fun night and a lot of people really put an effort to attend and some have given me gift as a remembrance but as the night fall saying goodbye was really hard cause that was the last time to see them. A lots of tears also fell that night which is really devastating. So the party is over but four of my friends stayed until dawn, actually three stayed until the next day and the other one stayed until dawn.

I’ve made a lot of friends back in the Philippines and I really treasure them specially those who stayed true to me wherever I am and are always there whenever I need them. Its hard to leave when I know that I have made so much back there but if it was the best thing to do for my future, well I guess I could stay in touch with them and see them again very soon.


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